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Funding Your Trip to Whistler

The IMBA Summit/World Mountain Bike Conference in Whistler, B.C. is the premier mountain bike conference in the world. It's a terrific opportunity to share ideas with and learn from trail building, tourism, land management and advocacy experts. Throw in some world-class riding and it's one event you don't want to miss. You may be wondering how you'll pay for travel, registration and other costs - we've put together this document to help you join us for this event.


We are working on getting sponsors for a number of scholarships - stay tuned for more information!

Register 3, Pay for 2 (until March 31st), more information >>

Groups registering two delegates at the full conference, prior to March 31st 2006, receive a registration of a third person FREE.

Local funding, more information >>

To make the Summit a reality you'll want to put together a professional funding proposal.

RTP education funds (US only), more information >>

If you are on your state RTP advisory committee, you may be eligible for state RTP education funds.

Register 3, Pay for 2 (until March 31st)

This is a great opportunity to bring three delegates from your organization at a reduced rate or use the free registration for a community group, important client or deserving non-profit organization. The 3 for 2 deal available ONLY to first 2 registrants from one organization. To qualify for this promotion, please email a request for PDF registration form and fax your registrations to (604) 987-4051 or enter your first 2 representatives on-line and contact us about the 3rd. For groups of 6 or more please contact us directly to find out about our group rates.


Local Funding

First brainstorm possible funding sources in your area. Who is in any way connected to mountain bikes, trails, recreation, land preservation, or other related issues? Some are obvious, but others require you to think outside the box. Consider asking the following sources to help fund your trip:

  • Local bike shops
  • Your cycling club
  • The bike industry
  • Major donors or foundations in the area
  • Local tourism councils
  • Local businesses connected to trails

Make sure you target your sales pitch to the specific donor. Each has a specific interest in your attendance. For some it's advocacy and for others it's promoting cycling, tourism, or volunteer trailwork. They'll also want or appreciate something in return. Consider hosting an event with them to share what you've learned. This helps put both of you on the mountain biking map.

A sample proposal

    Dear [potential donor],

    The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) Summit, in conjunction with the World Mountain Bike Conference, will be held June 20-23 2006 in Whistler, British Columbia. This event is an unprecedented opportunity for mountain biking advocates, land managers, trailbuilders and the bike industry to come together for education, collaboration and strategic planning for the future of mountain biking and trail access. As a representative of [club name/organization] I want to bring the best mountain bike and trail management practices to [town, region]. I am writing to request assistance in making my attendance at the IMBA Summit and World Mountain Bike Conference a reality.

    [Insert short paragraph about your club, its recent achievements and goals]

    In addition to sharing my experiences with other club members, I am planning a workshop with land managers at [park name(s)] and will write an article covering the conference and its local relevance in the [local paper]. I would also like to design a presentation or workshop in conjunction with your organization highlighting lessons from the Summit and Conference.

    I hope you will consider making a contribution to [club name/organization]. IMBA's Summit is held every two years and 2006 marks the first time it will partner with the World Mountain Bike Conference. This is the ideal venue for sharing and learning about current mountain bike issues. I look forward to working with your [organization/company].


    [your name]


RTP Education funds (US only)

A State can use its RTP administrative funds to pay for State advisory committee members to attend meetings, training, and events related to recreational trails, provided the costs are reasonable and provide a benefit to the State's RTP administration. If you are on the RTP State advisory committee, talk to your State Trail Administrator about the possibilities.